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what matters to you.

We want to hear from artists, arts & culture organizations, audience members, and business/community leaders who care about how creatives can help envision and shape central Indiana’s future.

Are you an artist or arts administrator? Take the Arts & Culture Sector Survey to help us measure the engagement, needs, and priorities specific to artists, creatives, and arts & culture workers.

Culture & creativity are everywhere. We experience them when we explore our neighborhood, dance to a favorite song, watch performers at a sports event–or decide what to wear each day.

As central Indiana’s leading arts advocacy and services agency, Indy Arts Council fosters meaningful engagement in the arts by nurturing a culture where artists and arts organizations thrive. We are creating a 5-year strategic plan to meet our community’s needs and invite your input.

“Sports are the heart of
Indianapolis–and arts
and culture are its soul.”

If you’ve admired the mural of writer Kurt Vonnegut on Mass Ave, enjoyed the Art & Soul festival, hit Gallery 924 for First Friday, or participated in programs offered by the 85 organizations supported by the City of Indianapolis Annual Grants Program, then you’ve interacted with our work.

The Arts Council was founded after the Pan Am Games in 1987, when 40 local arts organizations worked together to produce 200 events for an international audience. We’ve since continued to innovate–thinking about what’s next, while responding to the immediate needs of our community.

Julie Goodman,
President & CEO, Indy Arts Council

Why your input matters.

Indy Arts Council believes every resident of Indianapolis should be able to experience arts and culture in a way that nourishes and inspires them. We call that “A Creative Life for All,” and achieving that vision is central to the work we do.

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