Indy Arts Council

Share your feedback by taking a brief survey

For central Indiana residents

We invite you to share your thoughts on central Indiana’s growing arts and culture scene. We believe all residents deserve access to arts, culture, and entertainment experiences that are meaningful to them.

Your anonymous feedback will help shape the future of our region and the quality of life for our residents.

For artists and arts administrators

As a valued member of our local arts and culture sector, we invite you to share your current experience with the Indy Arts Council. This survey will help us measure the engagement, needs, and priorities specific to artists, creatives, and arts & culture workers.

Your anonymous feedback will have a direct impact on the way we shape the future of our organization and the sector as a whole.

Why your input matters

Indy Arts Council believes every resident of Indianapolis should be able to experience arts and culture in a way that nourishes and inspires them. We call that "A Creative Life for All," and achieving that vision is central to the work we do.

Our plan’s goals are to:

  • Represent the vision of artists, arts and culture organizations, community partners, and Indianapolis/central Indiana residents.
  • Align our mission with their needs and build a roadmap for the future.
  • Reflect the Arts Council’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access–and support our sector in advancing those priorities.
  • Examine how arts & culture funding in our area compares to similar cities.
  • Explore strategies to seek broader funding for arts & culture–support that reflects our growing economic and social impact.